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CD Reviews
  album cover of Butch Walker and The Black Widows'  The Spade Butch Walker and The Black Widows: The Spade (August 2011)
album cover of Ryan Star's 11:59Ryan Star: 11:59 (August 2010) cover art for Smashing Pumpkins DVD If All Goes Wrong Smashing Pumpkins: If All Goes Wrong (DVD) (November 2008)
album cover of Matthew Sweet's Sunshine LiesMatthew Sweet: Sunshine Lies (October 2008) album cover of Mandi Perkins' Alice in No Man's Land Mandi Perkins: Alice in No Man's Land (September 2008)
album cover of Hana Pestle's self titled EP Hana Pestle: Hana Pestle (EP) (August 2008) album cover of Celia Chavez's Sailor's Daughter Celia Chavez: Sailor's Daughter (April 2008)
album cover of Paramore's Riot! Paramore: Riot! (March 2008) album cover of Charlotte Martin's ReproductionsCharlotte Martin: Reproductions (September 2007)
album cover of Will Hoge's Again Somewhere Tomorrow Will Hoge: Again Somewhere Tomorrow (February 2007) album cover of Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer Of Montreal: Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? (January 2007)
album cover of Brian Vander Ark's Angel, Put Your Face OnBrian Vander Ark: Angel, Put Your Face On (December 2006) The Weight: Home (December 2006)
album cover of Joshua Radin's We Were Here Joshua Radin: We Were Here (November 2006) album cover of Josh Kelley's Just Say  the WordJosh Kelley: Just Say the Word (October 2006)
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Don't You Fake It (September 2006) album cover of Kill Hannah's Until There Is Nothing Left of UsKill Hannah: Until There Is Nothing Left of Us (August 2006)
album cover of Billy Joel's 12 Gardens LiveBilly Joel: 12 Gardens Live (July 2006) album cover of Need To Breathe's Daylight Need to Breathe: Daylight (June 2006)
album cover of Mieka Pauley's Out of Car Wrecks and HurricanesMieka Pauley: Out of Car Wrecks and Hurricanes (May 2006) album cover of Amber Rhode's Goodbye Yesterday Amber Rhodes: Goodbye Yesterday (April 2006)
album cover of Metric's Live It OutMetric: Live It Out (January 2006) album cover of Hillary Johnsons's Is It Normal Hillary Johnson: Is It Normal (October 2005)
album cover of Our Lady Peace's Healthy In Paranoid Times Our Lady Peace: Healthy In Paranoid Times (September 2005) album cover of Laura Shay's To A PlaceLaura Shay: To A Place (July 2005)
album cover of Libbie Schrader's Taking the FallLibbie Schrader: Taking the Fall (June 2005) album cover of Garbage's "Bleed Like Me" Garbage: Bleed Like Me (June 2005)
album cover of Marina V's Simple Magic Marina V: Simple Magic (May 2005) album cover of Michelle Albano's Second Guesses Michelle Albano: Second Guesses (May 2005)
album cover of Dishwalla's self-titled albumDishwalla: Dishwalla (April 2005) album cover of Charlotte Martin's On Your Shore Charlotte Martin: On Your Shore (April 2005)
album cover of Neal Schon's I On UNeal Schon: I On U (March 2005) album cover of Casey Stratton's Standing at the Edge Casey Stratton: Standing at the Edge (March 2005)
album cover of Jen Woodhouse's This Honest Age Jen Woodhouse: This Honest Age (February 2005) album cover of Tori Amos's The BeekeeperTori Amos: The Beekeeper (February 2005)
Terra Naomi: Live And Free (January 2005) Album cover of Avion's self-titled release Avion: Avion (January 2005)
album cover of Libbie Schrader's Letters to BoysLibbie Schrader: Letters To Boys (December 2004) album cover of Seven Mary Three's Dis/LocationSeven Mary Three: Dis/Location (November 2004)
album cover of Rachael Yamagata's Happenstance Rachael Yamagata: Happenstance (October 2004) album cover of Kay Hanley's The Babydoll EP Kay Hanley: The Babydoll EP (October 2004)
album cover of Silvertide's Show & Tell Silvertide: Show & Tell (September 2004) album cover of Ari Hest's Someone To TellAri Hest: Someone To Tell (September 2004)
album cover of Interpol's Antics Interpol: Antics (September 2004) album cover of Vienna Teng's Warm Strangers Vienna Teng: Warm Strangers (September 2004)
album cover of Fastball's Keep Your Wig On Fastball: Keep Your Wig On (August 2004) album cover of Brian Webb LIVEBrian Webb: LIVE (August 2004)
album cover of Owsley's The Hard Way Owsley: The Hard Way (August 2004) album cover of The Calling's Two The Calling: Two (August 2004)
Trapt: Trapt (July 2004) album cover of Hoobastank's The Reason Hoobastank: The Reason (July 2004)
album cover of Three Days Grace's self-titled cdThree Days Grace: Three Days Grace (July 2004) album cover of Breaking Benjamin's We Are Not AloneBreaking Benjamin: We Are Not Alone (July 2004)
album cover of Avril Lavigne's Under My SkinAvril Lavigne: Under My Skin (June 2004) album cover of Keri Noble's FearlessKeri Noble: Fearless (June 2004)
album cover of Serena Ryder's Unlikely EmergencySerena Ryder: Unlikely Emergency (June 2004) album cover of Edwin McCain's Scream and WhisperEdwin McCain: Scream and Whisper (June 2004)
album cover of Lit's self titled CD Lit: Lit (May 2004) album cover of Beth Waters' self titled cdBeth Waters: Beth Waters (May 2004)
album cover of Ben Jelen's Give It All AwayBen Jelen: Give It All Away (May 2004) album cover of Michael Tolcher's I AmMichael Tolcher: I Am (May 2004)
album cover of Brian Vander Ark's "Resurrection"Brian Vander Ark: Resurrection (May 2004) album cover of Nellie McKay's Get Away From MeNellie McKay: Get Away From Me (April 2004)
Mieka Pauley (April 2004) Toby Lightman: Little Things (April 2004)
The Hindi Guns: The Hindi Guns (April 2004) album cover of Jean Mann's SeasonsJean Mann: Seasons (April 2004)
album cover of Lizanne Knott's limited edition cdLizanne Knott: Lizanne Knott (Limited Edition) (March 2004) album cover of Brian Webb's Broken FolkBrian Webb: Broken Folk (March 2004)
Orgy: Punk*Statik*Paranoia* (March 2004) album cover of Ingram Hill's June's Picture ShowIngram Hill: June's Picture Show (March 2004)
album cover of 19 Wheels' Jawbreaker19 Wheels: Jawbreaker (March 2004) album cover of Paradigm's Standing In Line Paradigm: Standing In Line (February 2004)
album cover of Skrape's Up The DoseSkrape: Up The Dose (February 2004) album cover of Dido's Life For RentDido: Life For Rent (January 2004)
cover art of Kane's self titled albumKane: Kane (January 2004) album cover of Annie Bethancourt's The Garage SessionsAnnie Bethancourt: The Garage Sessions (December 2003)
album cover of Rhett Miller's The InstigatorRhett Miller: The Instigator (December 2003) album cover of the Raveonettes Chain Gang of LoveThe Raveonettes: Chain Gang of Love (November 2003)
album cover of Will Hoge's Almost Alone (Live at Smith's Olde Bar)Will Hoge: Almost Live (November 2003) album cover of Kay Hanley's Cherry MarmaladeKay Hanley: Cherry Marmalade (October 2003)
album cover of Jason Mraz's Waiting For My Rocket to ComeJason Mraz: Waiting For My Rocket To Come (October 2003)
album cover of Ivory Wire's The World Is FlatIvory Wire: The World Is Flat (September 2003)
album cover of Molly's The FingerMolly: The Finger (September 2003) album cover of Damien Rice's ODamien Rice: O (August 2003)
album cover of Jewel's 0304Jewel: 0304 (August 2003) album cover of Alien Ant Farm's TruantAlien Ant Farm: Truant (July 2003)
Jump, Little Children: Live At The Music Farm (DVD) (July 2003) Various: Respond II (June 2003)
album cover of The Standard's AugustThe Standard: August (June 2003) album cover of Mercury's self-titled albumMercury: Mercury (May 2003)
album cover of Bill Deasy's Good Day No RainBill Deasy: Good Day No Rain (May 2003) album cover of the Exies' InertiaThe Exies: Inertia (April 2003)
album cover of Zwan's Mary Star of the SeaZwan: Mary Star of the Sea (April 2003) album cover of Evanescence's FallenEvanescence: Fallen (March 2003)
album cover of Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to the HeadColdplay: A Rush of Blood to the Head (March 2003) album cover of Norah Jones's Come Away With MeNorah Jones: Come Away With Me (February 2003)
album cover of Hoobastank's self-titled recordHoobastank: Hoobastank (February 2003) album cover of Christina Aguilera's StrippedChristina Aguilera: Stripped (January 2003)
album cover of Matchbox Twenty's More Than You Think You AreMatchbox Twenty: More Than You Think You Are (January 2003) album cover of Injected's Burn It BlackInjected: Burn It Black (December 2002)
album cover of Breaking Benjamin's Saturate Breaking Benjamin: Saturate (December 2002) album cover of SR-71's TomorrowSR-71: Tomorrow (November 2002)
album cover of Alanis Morissette's Under Rug SweptAlanis Morissette: Under Rug Swept (September 2002) album cover of Dexter Freebish's A Life of SaturdaysDexter Freebish: A Life of Saturdays (October 2000)
album cover of Rubyhorse's RiseRubyhorse: Rise (August 2002) Midlake: Milkmaid Grand Army
(August 2002)
album cover of Our Lady Peace's GravityOur Lady Peace: Gravity (August 2002) album cover of Butch Walker's Left Of Self-CenteredButch Walker: Left of Self-Centered (August 2002)