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CD Reviews: Trapt
Trapt: Trapt
July 2004
By: Traci Curtis
album cover of Trapt's self-titled cd

I'll be honest, I didn't like Headstrong when it first came out. I mean, it was okay. . . But now, Trapt has won me over! Maybe it was the bazillion plays the song got on the radio. Or the million shows the band did to win over people like me.

Trapt has really grown in the past year and a half. With their non-stop touring, they are showing they can--- pardon the cliche--- rock. The boys have been together since high school and several of these songs are that "old." Chris Brown wrote a few of the songs about his then girlfriend, and now he has a movie-star actress woman. (Imagine hearing stuff your high school boyfriend wrote for you years later on the radio!)

Made Of Glass is amazing--- especially as an acoustic ballad. Still Frame sounds great on the radio, and while not as heavy as Headstrong, it is a great rock song to jump and down to at a show. Hollowman is another track with cool lyrics and a hook you'll remember. The band is touring just a bit this summer, then will head back into the studio to make their follow-up disc.