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CD Reviews: Hoobastank
Hoobastank: Hoobastank
February 2003
By: Traci Curtis
album cover of Hoobastank's self-titled album

You have probably heard of Hoobastank, even though this is their first major label CD. With immediate hits like Crawling In the Dark and Running Away, the band's self-titled CD has made them a staple at modern rock radio. Heck, Mountain Dew even used Crawling In the Dark in their commercials!

Formed in high school, these friends have been performing together since the early '90s. When you first hear Hoobastank, you may think they sound like Incubus. Considering the bands grew up together in Southern California, that's not a strange coincidence. But Hoobastank wants you to take them as their own band, not an Incubus sidekick.

Many will know the first three tracks from the CD as they have already received much airplay, but what about the rest of the CD? Is it worth the purchase? There is the highly energetic and guitar driven Pieces, the melodic Let You Know, the surreal, yet rockin' Up and Gone, and of course, the one ballad to make you cuddle with your loved one, To Be With You. All the songs are different enough to keep the CD exciting, yet all have the true sound of Hoobastank so you are not surprised when you plop it in your CD player. If you have enjoyed the Hoobastank songs you have heard on the radio, then go for it! Enjoy the whole CD!

The band is already hard at work on their follow-up CD which will be out in late Spring 2003.

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