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CD Reviews: Orgy
Orgy: Punk*Statik*Paranoia*
March 2004
By: Linda Spielman
album cover of Orgy's Punk*Statik*Paranoia*

Punk*Statik*Paranoia* is yet another stellar release from the band who brilliantly combines electronic grooves and no-holds-barred alternative rock. One could be tempted to lump Orgy in with the Korn's of the world, but their style is very appealing because it is so different. This CD is no exception. The cutting lyrics on tracks like Inside My Head and Leave Me Out incorporate soul searching in the sometimes misleading and untrusting world of today.

Over the years the band has raised the bar on pushing elements of electronica with brain crushing guitars and drums, along with strong melodies. The equation has served the group well thus far. The intensity on this album doesn't loose momentum between tracks. Obvious is a prime example of this killer equation at work, blending the underlying melody with lyrics about growing up, growing older and growing wiser about life as a whole. The guitar line combined with electronica adds another intriguing layer to the song. Orgy has by far perfected the art of layering sounds and melodic textures to songs, in a way in which I have yet to hear anyone successfully achieve with the same level of experience and savvy.