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CD Reviews: Breaking Benjamin
Breaking Benjamin: We Are Not Alone
July 2004
By: Traci Curtis
album cover of Breaking Benjamin's We Are Not Alone

Breaking Benjamin would have to try hard to make a CD I don't like. Fortunately, they made another phenomenal CD. Their follow up to Saturate shows they have matured lyrically and musically, yet kept the same passion from the past.

With So Cold going strong on radio stations all over and the video channel FUSE, they are hitting the road with Evanescence, Seether and Three Days Grace.

While frontman Ben Burnley needs no help writing songs, the band made a wise choice recruiting Billy Corgin of Smashing Pumpkins to pen three tracks. Forget It, Follow and Rain really sound like Corgin tunes, but sound even better with Burnley's voice. Those songs are a bit more laid back but Breaking Benjamin makes up for it with the energy in Breakdown and Simple Design.

I have seen the band play since "back in the old days" and I am incredibly impressed and proud with how far they have come. They continue to put out amazing tracks and perform with every ounce of energy possible.

All of their songs are available for sampling on their web site.