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CD Reviews: Breaking Benjamin
Breaking Benjamin: Saturate
December 2002
By: Traci Curtis
album cover of Breaking Benjamin's Saturate

If there were one CD I wanted to convince the world to buy, it is Saturate.

How often do you hear a song and just think, "Wow!." That is what it is like to listen to Breaking Benjamin. Their first radio single Polyamorous is getting airplay all over the country and they just wrapped up their tour opening up for 3 Doors Down.

Influenced by Tool, Nirvana and Korn, the band began in Wilkes-Barre, PA and got attention from record labels when Freddie (music director and DJ at WBSX) took them on. He heard their music and knew they had something special. Hollywood Records and legions of fans agree.

Every song on the CD has memorable lyrics (even if you don't know what Polyamorous means). The Wizard of Oz-themed Home is my personal favorite because you can hear the passion and longing in lead singer Ben Burnley's voice. There are plenty of other songs on the CD that are perfect for the airwaves such as Medicate and Water.

Even though I said I wanted to convince everyone to buy the CD, you can listen to the songs on their web site for free. The songs will convince you, more than my little ole review will, that Breaking Benjamin is a band you need to know.