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CD Reviews: Hoobastank
Hoobastank: The Reason
July 2004
By: Traci Curtis
album cover of Hoobastank's The Reason

"Sophomore curse." Two very scary words in the music world. Good thing for Hoobastank they jumped right over it with The Reason. Thanks goodness--- a band that actually has talent!

Hoobastank's follow up to their self-titled debut offers a variety of tempos. They used to be compared to their childhood friends, Incubus, but they have out shined them this time. Three tracks from the CD are on the radio already with The Reason being the most obvious. Several formats are playing this amazing song (yes, I cried the first time I heard it) and the video is on constantly. Props to the band for not going the standard route with the video!

Out of Control is incredibly up tempo and almost exhausts the listener thinking how hard the band had to work. Same Direction is hitting the airwaves now and should do quite well. I loved The Reason for months (until it got so much airplay) and now my favorite track is Unaffected. Another fun song is Never There which features a cool guitar pick up selector switch (okay, my guitar playing hubby told me that one--- I just know it sounds "cool")

The band is touring the U.S. this summer and then is headed to Europe in the Fall.