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CD Reviews: Our Lady Peace
Our Lady Peace: Gravity
August 2002
By: Lauren Jonik (
album cover of Our Lady Peace's Gravity

Sometimes, while creating a work of art, the pieces fall beautifully into place. The combination of hard work, good fortune and being open to change often invites the best to come. As the forces of gravity in the universe draw objects towards them, Our Lady Peace's latest album, aptly titled Gravity, draws listeners to the heart of what they do best.

The melodic first single, Somewhere Out There, is at once yearning and hopeful, a theme that is consistent throughout the album, the band's fifth release since forming in 1992. Lyrically reflecting that change can bring challenges, it reminds that, more importantly, change can bring triumphs and new beginnings. One such notable transformation occurred in December 2001, when longtime guitarist Mike Turner decided to leave the band. The remaining members, vocalist Raine Maida, bassist Duncan Coutts and drummer Jeremy Taggert, ended their search for a new guitarist, when they discovered the talents of Detroit, Michigan native Steve Mazur. His inclusion in the band was formally announced in April 2002.

For the creation of Gravity, which was released on June 18, 2002 on Sony, Our Lady Peace enlisted the skills of legendary producer Bob Rock, who has worked with Metallica, American Hi-Fi, Veruca Salt, Nina Gordon, Bon Jovi and The Cult, amongst others. Faraway from their home of Toronto, Canada, the band recorded on the island paradise of Maui at Rock's Plantation Studios--- a location that allowed them to focus solely on what they were there for: to create music.

As distinctive as their sound are Raine Maida's vocals, which convey the strength found in searching and growing, as well as the vulnerability that comes from the ever present quest to become wiser, more open--- more connected to yourself and to others. The second single Innocent, released in late summer of 2002, includes the memorable chorus, "I remember feeling low, I remember losing hope, I remember all the feelings and the day they stopped. We are all innocent."

In the album's closing track, Story About A Girl, the lyrics end on the promise to always remain present for a loved one--- "I'll always be there, With all my faith, With all my heart, And all the simple things you are." Perhaps, in the end, that is the most precious gift we can offer.

As gravity has the power to draw downward, Gravity by Our Lady Peace proves that sometimes, it also has the power to elevate.