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Concert Reviews - Joshua Radin
Joshua Radin: We Were Here
November 2006
By: Linda Spielman
album cover of Joshua Radin's We Were Here

Haunting, melodic, mysterious and elusive are just a few ways to describe Joshua Radin's CD We Were Here. The retro-esque musical trip back to classic folk music infused with today's pop is an eclectic listening experience.

Every single track on this CD offers something special. Particularly enjoyable is the folk aspect of the album as a whole. The haunting song Sundrenched World starts off the CD and completely captivates the listener, drawing you in and making you want to hear more from Radin. To further enhance the allure, the second track, Star Mile is a complete one-hundred and eighty degree change, offering a more light-hearted feel and upbeat attitude. Other notable tracks are Winter and Today on which the beautifully arranged layering of melodies creates a feel that is almost angelic.

We Were Here is a departure of what is current and hip in music right now. Although fresh and new with its approach, it takes the listener back to a much simpler time and genre of music--- music with heart and soul minus all the confusion.