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CD Reviews - Josh Kelley
Josh Kelley: Just Say The Word
October 2006
By: Linda Spielman
album cover of Josh Kelley's Just Say the Word

To sum up Josh Kelley's music, he is probably one of the last great lyrical storytellers of his generation. With Just Say The Word, his third release, Kelley became the jack of all trades by writing, producing and performing all songs on the album. As the old saying goes, if you want something done right and with your complete vision, then do it ALL yourself. And that is exactly what Josh Kelley not only did, but accomplished exquisitely.

Kelley's expressiveness has always been both a top-selling and major listening point with his music and this CD is no exception. In fact, Just Say The Word showcases Kelley's musicianship, writing and personality to it's highest level. Following in the footsteps of artists like Dave Matthews, Kelley approaches his music from a realist's perspective. He focuses on the music and writing and doesn't rely on heavy production. This approach makes his music universally appealing, as well as a great listen.

The only flaw with this CD is the track placement. Opposite of Me starts the album off on an upbeat note. However it drags a bit through the next four tracks. The CD picks up again at How The Story Goes and Mississippi River Girl is an obvious stand-out track. Listening to this song is like reading a great novel, as the mind's eye conjures up the images to the story-line. The characters are who you want them to be. Kelley's writing and musical talent seems almost effortless. Out of his three releases, this is by far his best. The novelty of his celebrity has worn off and there seems to be a new passion for the music he creates, a sentiment that shines through brightly on Just Say The Word.

When it comes to his music, Josh Kelley proves that sometimes, too many chefs can spoil the soup. Taking the bull by the horns and creating this entire CD by himself, including the distribution, says a lot for the man behind the music. He is the only chef when it comes to his soup and that approach will render him a lasting musical career, as well as the respect of all who listen to his music. Just Say The Word is a great listen for those of you who truly enjoy music in its purest sense