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CD Reviews: The Hindi Guns
The Hindi Guns: The Hindi Guns
April 2004
By: Blair Bryant

Being considered one of the best new bands of 2004 by Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke is by far an amazing compliment, especially for a band that is not even a year old. The Portland-based rock band The Hindi Guns has recently released their self-titled debut through Revolver Distribution.

Formed by vocalist Deedee Cheriel and guitarist Kurt Voss, the Hindi Guns have a lo-fi garage meets Americana sound which is apparent throughout the album. The album opens with London Rain, which is the Hindi Guns's second released single. The mellow track introduces listeners to their refreshing rock sound with melodic harmonica music setting the tone. Immigrant is a fun, upbeat number which showcases the skills of guitarist Roger Campos and bassist Mikael Jehanno. The European radio favorite Goin' To Portland displays the band's musical versatility. It also pays homage to the home base of the Hindi Guns. Goin' To Portland has that feel-good indie rock sound, which is reminiscent of The Strokes. The chorus, So I'm goin' to Portland / Won't you take me to Portland / Lets all go to Portland, which repeats throughout the song, makes it easily catchy. The first single released in Europe was I Don't Want To Drink Mercury which showcases the sultry vocals of Cheriel, whose vocal drawls resemble that of Shirley Manson of Garbage. Fury has a Western-meets-garage vibe which is a snide and clever song in itself. Honey is yet another song which displays the musical versatility of the Hindi Guns, which also treats listeners to impressive guitar solos accompanied by the drumming of Luther Russell, which is equally superb. Various instruments are incorporated, which displays the stylistic creativity of the Hindi Guns. Che's Song is a mysterious yet up-beat song, which Cheriel once again successfully captures the essence of this number, making it all the more convincing.

Having recently toured the West Coast, the Hindi Guns head back to Europe in late Spring 2004 where they've been given a warm reception by listeners. The Hindi Guns are definitely a band to keep you eyes and ears on, for their debut album is consistently great, which is only a taste of what they have to offer in the future. And after effortlessly creating such a great debut album for a band that has been together for less than a year, there is only one place to go from here--- up!