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CD Reviews: Evanescence
Evanescence: Fallen
March 2003
By: Traci Curtis
album cover of Evanescence's Fallen

"Evan what?" I have heard that about fifty times per night at work for the past month!

According to their web site, "evanescence" is a dissipation or disappearance like vapor. The quartet from Arkansas is guided by the amazing vocals of Amy Lee. Often rock bands with female lead singers get a bad rap ("chick band"), but Evanescence can rock enough for the guys and be meaningful enough for the girls. There is no screaming-hard-core-rocker-chick stuff here. (Sorry, don't mean to stereotype!)

If Sarah McLachlan met up with Linkin Park for lunch and made an amazing song instead, you would have Bring Me to Life. Lee, of course, handles the female side, and Paul McCoy of 12 Stones guests for the male vocals. In my years at radio, I have never seen such a response to a song like what has happened with Bring Me To Life. The song first gained airplay off the Daredevil soundtrack, but now the band's CD Fallen is out and gaining momentum on its own.

Energetic guitar riffs, haunting Tori Amos piano style melodies and even a vocal choir make appearances on Fallen. There are slow songs (Hello), rock songs (Tourniquet, Whisper) and in between songs (Haunted). While all the songs have the same Evanescence sound, they are not so similar they sound like the same song over and over. My personal challenge to you is to not cry when you listen to My Immortal.

The band is gathering themselves with the surprise first week sales from their CD. Look for them on the road soon.