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CD Reviews: Mieka Pauley

Mieka Pauley
April 2004
By: Ami Lieberman

Looking at a picture of Mieka Pauley, you would hardly believe that such a powerful voice could come out of someone so small. Courtesy photo of Mieka PauleyHer voice is different, it's fresh, and it is enjoyable. When attempting to find a suitable comparison to her unusual voice, I was left with a void. When first beginning to write this review, I was hindered with a blank. How can words possibly describe this phenomenal singer? Will my review do her justice? Probably not. The best way to understand how great she is is to pick up a copy of her music or sample her online. So what kind of music does she sing? Mieka represents the union of a blues and folk singer. Her voice is deep and resonating; her songs passionate, thoughtful. Although her songs follow the traditional form, she seems to supersede one specific genre. Encompassing all types of music in her songs, Mieka Pauley, an accomplished vocalist, guitarist and pianist, has found a musical place to call her own.

Her voice is not the only aspect of her that impresses listeners. Mieka Pauley, just 23, lyricizes with a wisdom you would expect from someone twice her age. Sheer honesty is not a fear for her, her lyrics give listeners a glimpse of her raw self. In fact, she uses her writing ability to "call back [the] emotion" from her experiences, giving the songs life and passion.

One of the songs that truly exemplifies Mieka's ability is The Way It Is. Melodically, it is one of her best. Lyrically, she takes the typical story of 'girl loves boy, boy doesn't know she exists' and makes it interesting. In the chorus, she states The way it is, can't complain / I would love to drive you insane / But I'm not on your mind / It's in my head / And it's me who's insane instead proving her ability to play with words, tell a story, and be brutally honest about herself.

At one time very private about her music and too shy to even share her talent with her family, Mieka undeniably has grown beyond that. Sharing the stage with famous musicians at popular clubs, Mieka, who hails from Boston, has made quite a name for herself. And it's easy to see why. Armed with a bluesy voice, an extraordinary way with words, and a knack for sweet melodies, she is one woman who understands songwriting. Unquestionably so, Mieka Pauley holds the talent that will make her a star.

Photo courtesy of 9Music