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CD Reviews: Dexter Freebish
Dexter Freebish: A Life of Saturdays
October 2000
By: Lauren Jonik (
album cover of Dexter Freebish's A Life of Saturdays


"The time is right, my day has come, it's going to start today..." sings Kyle, lead singer of Dexter Freebish in the title track of their phenomenal Capitol Records debut cd, A Life of Saturdays. Amongst swirling guitars, catchy, meaningful lyrics and melodies you will be humming all day, is an album to move to, one that makes you inhale all of the moment and then exhale deeply just before the next possibility comes to greet you. Like their nakesame, a rollercoaster at Astroworld in Houston, Texas that some of the band members rode while growing up, Dexter Freebish is capable of taking you on an exciting emotional ride, complete with smooth ups and downs.

The first single, Leaving Town, about the universal quest for happiness and a greater life, reminds that every journey that leads to our dreams ultimately brings us closer to ourselves. Chosen out of over 27,000 songs in the annual John Lennon Songwriting Contest, it won the honor of being Song of the Year. Over 60 celebrity judges participated, including Elton John, Foo Fighters, Barenaked Ladies and Paula Cole.

Dexter Freebish formed in Austin, TX, about six years ago, when lead vocalist Rob Kyle, bassist/vocalist Chris Lowe, drummer Rob Schilz, guitarist/keyboardist Scott Romig and lead guitarist/vocalist Charles Martin joined forces. As each band member contributes parts to the whole and each song offers something different, there is a sense of unity in the band and continuity to the whole cd. These songs belong together and flow effortlessly into one another. The song Spotlight highlights Kyle's strong, present vocals, while questioning the effects of celebrity. And, proving that this is an album full of musical details to be discovered, it includes some sounds from Beck's dj, DJ Swamp. The gentle Tomorrow is a vulnerable, heartfelt acknowledgment of gratitude to those who have made a difference in their lives. The contagious ahhh-ooohs of Deeper complement the plea "help me understand." Bring Me Water conjures spiritual images of a person, standing with an open heart and open arms asking all of the universe to allow the best and most simple gifts in life, like laughter, to come. It is a soft, relaxing conclusion to both the album and the journey.

"I want to swim the deepest ocean, be poetry in motion on a Paris night, yeah, I just want to fantasize, oh the perfect place to be... my life of Saturdays." For Dexter Freebish, whose music could easily be described as poetry in motion, the perfect place to be just might be exactly where they are.