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CD Reviews: Fastball
Fastball: Keep Your Wig On
August 2004
By: Linda Spielman
album cover of Fastball's Keep Your Wig On

This CD is a departure for the members of Fastball. After listening to them for many years, this CD is the most rooted and solid sounding to date. No more heavily saturated radio tunes on this CD--- these songs are some of the best written and produced by the band yet.

Don't worry about the new direction of musical style from Fastball. Their songs are still as quirky as ever. They are still as visual as their past CDs. And, these songs are every bit as infectious to the listener. You may not realize it, but you will find yourself subconsciously humming along to songs far after the CD is out of your stereo.

Two tracks are noteworthy on this CD. Red Light and Perfect World blend a Southwestern hybrid rock country vibe. Their sound has a lot of rootsy, bluesy overtones. It makes the listener look forward to each new track because it has the ability to give each song a completely different personality.

As quirky as ever, the title of the CD, Keep Your Wig On, exemplifies the style of Fastball. Although the songs are not recognizable on the radio right now, they are true stylistic gems.