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CD Reviews: Jason Mraz
Jason Mraz: Waiting For My Rocket To Come
October 2003
By: Ami Lieberman
album cover of Jason Mraz's Waiting For My Rocket to Come

It's hard to pinpoint just what it is about Jason Mraz's debut CD, Waiting For My Rocket To Come. There's something inherently brilliant about this eclectic mix of music that simply makes you feel good. For one, Mraz's grasp of catchy melodies hooks listeners in like bait to a fish. With the melodic tunes comes intriguing lyrics and carefully positioned rhymes and witticisms that would make the best poets proud. Not to be excluded from this already impressive list is Mraz's ability to transcend different genres. Standard pop can be heard in songs such as first singles The Remedy and You And I Both. Mraz experiments with country twang with the use of banjos in Curbside Prophet. And easy listening folks will be pleased to hear the power ballad Absolutely Zero.

But most impressive on Mraz's list of talents is his impeccable voice--- the true secret to his success. As kind of a male Jewel, Mraz has a high vocal range, a notable scat and a lot of soul.

Jason Mraz burst into the music world in 1999, after a brief stint in college. On a whim, he ventured to California to take a shot at the acoustic cafe scene. Playing weekly at Java Joes in Ocean Beach created his strong fan base, and a random encounter with manager Bill Silva in Las Vegas propelled him into stardom.

Jason Mraz imaginatively sings in Curbside Prophet that I'm just a curbside prophet / With my hand in my pocket / and I'm waiting for my rocket to come. With the huge success of his debut album, Jason waits no longer.