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CD Reviews - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Don't You Fake It
September 2006
By: Linda Spielman
album cover of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's Don't You Fake It

With a curious name, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus sounds like a band of intrigue. The band's debut CD Don't You Fake It comes out of the gate with a fusion of musical genres and tons of energy. The band's style and power are astonishing considering that the average age of the five band members is only 21 years old. The band's formula for music mixology is evidently paying off. With Face Down on medium rotation on MTV Hits, Don't Fake It has begun to make its impact.

Just as a bartender mixes and infuses flavors to make unique drinks, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus does the same with melding all of the most popular styles of today's music and great lyrics to create unique songs. With the help of Breaking Benjamin producer David Bendeth this debut CD is clean, rockin' and unique in every way.

In Fate's Hands is a screaming burst of fire that sets the stage for the entire CD. It has an amazing energy that mesmerizes the listener. Although, Waiting is just as powerful of a track with the blending of melodies that highlight the song's solid lyrical content. Placed eloquently in the middle of the CD for balance is the pseudo-lamenting ballad Cat and Mouse, which plays upon the disillusionment of a past relationship.

Overall, Don't Fake It is an enjoyable listen. There isn't much filler between tracks, and the band's unique way of taking their lyrics and combining them with eclectic blends of today's musical genres makes listening to each track interesting, if not captivating.