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CD Reviews: The Calling
The Calling: Two
August 2004
By: Linda Spielman
album cover of The Calling's Two

On the heels of the widely successful Camino Palmero, The Calling's Aaron Kamin & Alex Band have just released their sophomore effort entitled Two.

Taking the reigns and producing the CD along with Marc Tanner & Clif Magness, The Calling also received some divine direction on the collaboration of a few tracks with industry icon Clive Davis. The first release, Our Lives, explores the realization of how much people take for granted in their lives while getting caught up in the day to day stresses and chaos that cloud the really important things. It offers the listener an upbeat and hopeful look into true happiness in one's life.

Alex Band's powerful voice which captivated so many on The Calling's first CD, as well on the track Why Don't You And I with Carlos Santana, is equally as powerful and engaging. Two is much a richer and more mature sounding release for Kamin & Band. The natural growth as artists both professionally and personally is evident on the CD's ten tracks. Having written, recording and promoted Camino Palmero in their late teens, Two shows, in retrospect, the truths and importance of maturing from people who are now in their mid twenties--- including the good, bad, ugly, chaotic and sometimes heartbreaking realizations that people go through.

Kamin's melodic, yet aggressive guitar arrangements clearly shine through on this CD, and help to further enhance Band's vocal style. The somewhat quirky and ironic twists to some of the tracks like Chasing The Sun further show the range and style of the writing duo. Not everything turns out like it's planned all the time, and the songs reflect that in an almost third person type of feel. Other songs like Your Hope try to instill a hopeful, silver lining to the dark cloud of loneliness and despair that unfortunately can poison lives at some point.

All in all, Two is just what I expected from The Calling. Their music is simple pop rock with amazing lyrical content and melodies so infectious, you can't resist.