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CD Reviews - The Weight
The Weight: Home
December 2006
By: Linda Spielman
album cover of The Weight's Home

The Weight's new album, Home is a musical breath of fresh air. The group, lead by singer Dave Yaden, has served as the backing band for several well-known artists including Josh Kelley. Taking their name from a song by The Band, The Weight, which also includes Slim Gambill, Michael Miley, Darwin Johnson and Donald Barrett, eloquently combines jazz, folk and pop into a coffeeshop blend of style and emotion on their debut.

The production of Home has a live feel and vibe to it. It is clear, concise and masterfully arranged to portray an almost non-produced sound. The acoustic nature of Home makes it an easy listen, as well as a delightful one. The CD starts off on a light note with Sweeter, the toe tapping, drive-with-your-windows-down in the summer kind of song. The strongest part of this album lies in the middle between the third and fifth songs. These tracks offer variety, great lyrics and a true musical experience--- not just songs. By far, the most emotional and timely track, Bear Me Up, which was co-written with Tony Lucca, strikes a chord for all those who are currently affected by the war in Iraq. The lyrics resound the concern, fear, uncertainty that many people may feel or may have felt in the current climate with our military. It is a solemn reminder of the emotion behind conflict.

Home offers something new, unique and fresh that hasn't been brought to the forefront of music lately. For those who tend to lean towards acoustic, rootsy music, this is right up your alley.