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CD Reviews: Kane
Kane: Kane
January 2004
By: Sara Zeno
cover art of Kane's self titled album

Kane's self-released debut serves up amiable country rock with a shot of attitude. Though a rough mix, released due to fan demand, the band's spark and rapport are evident. Together since 1998, the core of Kane is Christian Kane and Steve Carlson, with the addition of a wickedly talented band. Christian, in addition to being lead vocalist, is recognizable from his roles as an actor with credits in television and movies, including the television series Angel and the movie Just Married. Playing mostly in Los Angeles, Kane has garnered enough attention to warrant airplay of Sweet Carolina Rain on the city's large country station KZLA, consistently sell out local venues and gain a reputation as one of LA's hottest unsigned acts.

The album includes plenty of heartbreak, misery and lost souls, balanced by a fair amount of optimism and underlying sweetness. The light-spirited Crazy In Love captures the blinding euphoria of falling in love, I don't think that it seems really all that strange / When I'm skipping down the road singing her name, while In the Darkness cries wistfully, I just can't get the hang of hanging on / Every time I try to grab it, the will is gone.

Oklahoma State Of Mind calls out the rebel-hearted to create and enjoy good times. The boys are in the back / With a bottle and a steel guitar . . . Now don't be scared of the fiddle / You can dance to this just fine / Get yourself in an Oklahoma state of mind.

The inclusion of three enhanced tracks on the disc demonstrates Kane's energy to those who won't have a chance to see them play in person. The video shows a group of good-natured guys who look to be truly enjoying themselves. These live tracks (from a 2002 performance at Universal Citywalk) are America High, Crazy In Love and a cover of Prince's I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man. The twang of Kane's self-described "country rock and roll band" fits nicely with the regretful lyrics of Prince's classic. And with Crazy In Love, the song ends in an instrumental jam showcasing the virtuosic fiddle work of Craig Eastman.

Kane are exploring their musical options by writing and recording in both LA and Nashville, and it should be fascinating to watch where this leads them. The combination of their memorable harmonies, unique songwriting and strong instrumentation points at the promise of their future.