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CD Reviews - Kill Hannah
Kill Hannah: Until There Is Nothing Left of Us
August 2006
By: Linda Spielman
album cover of Kill Hannah's Until There Is Nothing Left of Us

In a world where so much music is available and it can be hard to get your voice heard, Kill Hannah defies the odds. The band got the extra push they needed with the release of their latest album, Until There's Nothing Left of Us. Does the name mean anything to anyone? To have been the featured band on the highly popular friends and networking site when their CD was released in early August 2006 was a major accomplishment for this Chicago based band.

Until There's Nothing Left of Us is definitely a unique listen. Kill Hannah's sound is a hybrid of '80's synth pop/rock with a touch of Imperial Drag and Spacehog blended into today's alternative sound. Their masterful combination of lyrics and melody are very refreshing. It is a sound that is hard to wrap your mind around, but one that is easy to listen to, even if you aren't into the music itself.

But, despite their unique sound, the CD is somewhat sluggish. Believer is heavily synthesized and melodic, which makes it one of the stand-out tracks, as is Black Poisoned Blood. The songs lyrics are bitter, and the powerhouse guitars create one of those songs that you turn up somewhere in the midst of hating someone and healing. Other tracks such as Lips Like Morphine and Songs That Saved My Life have incredible lyrical stability, as well as a driven musical vibe. The remaining tracks are hit and miss with some sounding very similar in their arrangements. However, there IS one track that will sound very familiar to many listeners--- the album includes a cover of The Church's Under The Milky Way.

Kill Hannah has strong potential to bring a completely fresh sound to the world of alternative music. obviously thought so strongly enough to highlight them on their homepage. Until There's Nothing Left of Us is a valiant effort for this band. With time, touring and further musical guidance they definitely could make a name for themselves in the alternative music scene.