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CD Reviews: Charlotte Martin
Charlotte Martin: On Your Shore
April 2005
By: Lora Johnson
album cover of Charlotte Martin's On Your Shore

Charlotte Martin bares her soul in her first full-length album, On Your Shore. The thirteen songs on her album divulge elements of pain and loss, something that everyone is able to relate to. Although lyrics of pain and loss are cliché in this day and age, Martin uses her talents both as a vocalist and as a pianist to make her stand out in the crowd. Throughout her album, it is easy to tell her passion and appreciation for music and also the authenticity of her lyrics.

In the first song of the CD, On Your Shore, Martin sings about the difficulties in a relationship: At the turn of this tide I feel this part of me die / I've been on your shore before and it was no waste of time / Over my head and in my mind / Am I washed on your shore and barely alive. With the catchy piano melody and intense lyrics, Martin inspires the listener to reflect on their own challenges in life.

Sweet Chariot shows off her unmistakable vocal talent, as Martin once aspired to have a career as an opera singer before being introduced to the Cure, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, and Kate Bush. The song Limits of our Love is depicted as a "happy and hopeful declaration of love" by Martin and in a turn of mood, Haunted truly bares her soul by confronting ghosts in her past.

Martin is compelling and with her heartfelt and deep lyrics, she is one that many people can relate to. Not only does she write her own lyrics, she also plays the piano throughout each and every song. In a day and age where many people cannot write a lyric or even sing without the help of producers, Charlotte Martin is a diamond in the rough, for music of her caliber stands out as something special. The Boston Globe and The New York Times have recognized her talent and Interview has described her as "an impressive newcomer" with an "unforgettable array of emotions." Hear/Say, America's College Music Newspaper, has recently named On Your Shore as one of the #1 releases in 2004.

Although the piano-and-vocal solo artist role has been filled by many other women, Martin stands out from the rest with her ability to dig deep into her soul and expose everything that has destroyed her innocence and hardened her to life. To add to her soul-baring force, Martin has a vocal talent like Alanis Morissette, the passion of Jewel, and the piano playing ability of Alicia Keys. With this combination, Charlotte Martin is someone to keep an eye on for undoubtedly she will be topping the charts in no time.