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CD Reviews: Lizanne Knott
Lizanne Knott: Lizanne Knott (Limited Edition)
March 2004
By: Lauren Jonik
album cover of Lizanne Knott's limited edition cd

Like the touch of a sunbeam chasing the shadows away on a winter's day or the welcome sight of the first flowers of Spring, the music of Lizanne Knott is at once gentle and life-affirming. With vocals infused with infinite warmth, the ten offerings on her self-titled limited edition CD are the kind of songs that bring an unexpected smile--- one that softly surprises even your own reflection, leaving your day a little more inspired.

Beginning with soothing piano and the lyrics I have words I could say / I know that they only would get in the way / The rhymes in my head / The stroke of my pen / Would ruin these pages again and again. . . I only need you, the prelude The Last Line beautifully sets the tone for the CD by reminding that at the end of the day--- or perhaps more significantly, at the beginning, the best we can aspire to is to love and be loved. In Carry You Home, a duet with Phil Roy, Lizanne Knott sings with tenderness and grace, offering a message of hope. There's always a remedy for things that you cannot have / Bringing you to your knees / When you could just dance / So, dance with the sun on your face / Dream with moon in your nights / Know that all things in their place are giving you light. The song The Mermaid, which includes background vocals by Antje Duvekot, easily conjures the sea-faring images of the mythical--- and metaphorical--- creature diving beneath the waves and seeking safe harbors.

The blues-twinged Jimmy's Jive is a slight sonic departure and is a fun, upbeat song, while the jazz-infused Holiday is as smooth and lilting as a summer breeze. It's Only Me, which was used in the score of the independent film, TMT, is brimming with the sense of wonder that only comes from embracing self-acceptance and choosing to wander through the world that way. It’s amazing grace, that lights upon your face / It’s your touch, it’s your skin, it’s the origin of sin / It’s your soul in this world, it’s the singing of a girl / It’s only me. . . The last song, Melanie's Lullaby, is effortlessly open-hearted. The lyrics muse upon the marvel of motherhood. Melanie, the stars are shining / Melanie, their face is smiling / When you're around, my feet don't touch the ground. In many of our best moments, everything familiar suddenly feels new and everything new, instantly familiar.

Proceeds from the sale of Lizanne Knott's CD benefit The National Coalition For The Homeless