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CD Reviews: Injected
Injected: Burn It Black
December 2002
By: Lauren Patrie and Linna Chen
album cover of Injected's Burn It Black

What do you think of when you hear the word injected? Drugs? Fuel pumps? Needles? Diabetes? Well, for us, Injected simply means ROCK.

This trio from the suburbs of Atlanta has shaken up the Georgia music scene, playing high-energy shows night after night. Loading up their vehicles with CD samplers, those classic bumper stickers bearing their name and other goodies to generously hand out to fans, Injected gained an extremely dedicated local following. Hooking up with Atlanta producers Butch Walker and Rusty Cobb to polish their sound, they signed a major label deal with Island/Def Jam in 2001. Although the debut, Burn It Black, has sold over 78, 000 copies since its release in February 2002, Injected seem determined not to become just another sellout rock group. Calling each other by names such as XMA, DGrady and Beernuts, the guys are normal people who happen to possess a hunger for larger-than-life rock and roll.

Nominated for the Short List by one of their idols, Lars Ulrich, Injected has been heating up the charts ever since Faithless hit modern rock radio stations nationwide. In August of 2002, they even walked away with one of the city's most prestigious awards, an ALMA (Atlanta Local Music Award) for "Best Signed Band." With frontman Danny Grady's boyish looks and the wild personalities of bassist Steve Slovisky and drummer Chris Wojtal, the band has been a hit with hormone-driven teenage girls. However, the hard-core metal attitude has also attracted endless masses of male fans--- both young and old--- some even occasionally sporting a mullet. Melodic vocals, masterful guitar, thumping bass and perfectly arranged drum fills leave the listener yearning for more than the offered thirteen tracks presented on their debut. With slow ballads like the smoothly flowing Dawn to please the mellow fans and fast-paced tunes such as Sherman, perfectly suited for a mosh pit, Injected has proved that they can cross musical boundaries without compromising their true sound.

A surprising highlight of the album is the secret track, Ride the Snake, containing lyrics that no one can decipher, the song has been an enigma to the fans much like the type of hair products Slovisky uses to tame his wild mane. But not every song is as lighthearted as the aforementioned. Bullet poignantly speaks out against the topic of school shootings, while Only Hurts Awhile, penned by singer and guitarist Danny Grady, was written for a couple of friends who were going through rough times. The eleventh track, Lights Are Low, is an anthem for any kid who has ever felt a little bit out of place. A collaboration with Atlanta native Butch Walker, this song contains rip-roaring guitars and guttural, upbeat vocals, screaming with the reminiscence of 80's era big-rock.

Although Injected is signed to a major label, they still find time to be involved with local events, particularly at their alma mater, Roswell High School. The three recently judege the RHS talent show and were very surprised at the huge welcome they received from the audience. Not to alienate the fans that live up north and out west, Island Records held a live chat with the band in September of 2002. As an abundance of excited fans submitted question after question, the band stayed for a few hours and graciously answered as many as possible. Wojtal jokingly described it as being held "hostage in a small windowless office on two separate computers answering questions maniacally," but all were extremely gratified by the eager reception.

Where will Injected be in ten years? Well, if they aren't still rokken like Dokken, you'll probably see them working on video game ideas. Perhaps Danny will return to teaching guitar at AMB, maybe Steve will show more crack as a plumber. . . just maybe you will catch Chris in Nascar racing and Viagara commercials. We won't know until then. For now, we only can sum up Injected with a quote from Steve Slovisky himself when asked if he was missing any body parts: "I only have one testicle."

Tom Green? We think not. Rock phenomenon? We think yes.

Injected finished nationwide tours with artists such as Default, Fu Manchu, and Greenwheel and are currently working on a new album, which is expected to be out in 2003. For more information, check out: For more information, check out: Injected's official site: as well as for the latest updates.