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CD Reviews - Need To Breathe
Need To Breathe: Daylight
June 2006
By: Linda Spielman
album cover of Need To Breathe's Daylight

Need To Breathe's debut CD, Daylight, proves that this band has potential to be hit makers worldwide. Their sound is crisp, solid and high powered. They blend the edgy alternative/rock sound with great hooks. The songs on this CD leave you humming their lingering existence hours after the CD has been put away for the evening.

Daylight is one of those CDs you put in your stereo because you know it's good, then you go about doing things like cleaning or getting ready to go out on a Friday night. It's a great alternative/rock CD with drive and energy that leaves the listener wanting to hear more. As a whole, the group is very polished with a rockin' yet clean sound.

Strikingly, on Daylight Need To Breathe eloquently blend and balance guitars, bass, drums and piano for a strong, yet not an overbearing sound. Shine Onis probably the strongest track on this CD. It has great hooks, a catchy melody and is the song best suited for mainstream radio airplay. The final track entitled, I Won't Look Back, is a masterfully written ballad. It is written from a mature and very adult outlook on love and recognizes that regardless of whether we're winning or losing at the game our experiences help to make us the people we are. What has happened molds us to move forward with our lives, but as the song says I won't look back because there is nothing we can change or would change in the end.

Need To Breathe has potential to be a radio success. The production on this CD is amazing where every instrument is audible but not overpowering. On Daylight, all of the elements from the lyrics to the musicianship complement one another, adding to the overall appeal of the band.