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CD Reviews: Three Days Grace
Three Days Grace: Three Days Grace
July 2004
By: Traci Curtis
album cover of Three Days Grace's self-titled cd

When a band starts out with a song called I Hate Everything About You, it's hard not to notice them. The adopted anthem for many a spurned lover, the song grabbed attention right away for Canadians Three Days Grace.

Sadly, not many new bands actually have much musical talent, but Three Days Grace offers polished rock with an edge. The CD starts off with Burn which sounds a bit like Bush. The band is also finding success on the airwaves with Just Like You which also has some angry vibes (I could be fake / I could be stupid / You know I could be just like you), but rocks nonetheless. You can hear a bit of the Tool influences on the record in tracks like Now or Never.

Definitely a great CD and a band I am looking forward to seeing live. The band is on tour Evanescence, Seether and Breaking Benjamin.