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Concert Reviews: Owsley
Owsley: The Hard Way
August 2004
By: Ami Lieberman
album cover of Owsley's The Hard Way

There are three ingredients necessary for a successful music career: innate talent, hard work, and luck. For Owsley, these things appear to come naturally. Originally a member of Amy Grant’s touring band and later famed for singing a live duet with Shania Twain on late night television, Owsley was handed a rare chance to break into the music industry.

Those familiar with Owsley’s phenomenal first album will not be disappointed by his more recent work on The Hard Way. A mix of ten distinct songs, all threaded together by Owsley’s unique sense of pop-rock style, make for an enjoyable album. Not to be missed is Owsley’s gem of a cover song, the hidden track, Band On the Run.

An assortment of rocking love songs and powerful ballads keep thelistener on her feet, and Owsley’s sense of song, with intricate layered guitars and melodic tunes throughout, will make the musically analytical proud.

It’s unclear if Owsley will be able to break into mainstream radio, but those who do hold his CD in their hands can appreciate The Hard Way for all it’s worth.