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Concert Reviews: Amy Correia

Amy Correia
Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA
March 28, 2003
By: Lauren Jonik

photo of Amy Correia copyright Lauren Jonik

Within the power of music lies a subtle paradox--- its ability to draw us into the moment, allowing us to view life through someone else's eyes is the very same thing that provides a deeper glimpse into our own world, through our own eyes. At the Tin Angel in the historic Old City section of Philadelphia, PA on a chilly evening in March 2003, Amy Correia effortlessly demonstrated what happens when live music becomes living music.

With only a guitar, a ukulele and her voice, Amy Correia captivated the small, intimate photo of Amy Correia copyright Lauren Jonikroom with herwarmth, accessibility and earthy brand of musical storytelling. Often, at concerts, the audience's response to the music can be measured by the how much the crowd is moving around, but in this instance, the usual was to be transcended. All eyes remained focused on the stage, as listeners sat fully engaged in Amy's performance, intently absorbing the experience and clapping for both the new and the familiar.Amy performed The Bike, Fallen Out of Love, Life Is Beautiful and a special request by a man in the front row, Blind River Boy, from her Capitol Records debut CD, Carnival Love, which was released in September 2000, as well as several of the new songs she is in the process of preparing for an upcoming CD.

Originally from Massachusetts, Amy Correia lived in Los Angeles before moving to her current home of photo of Amy Correia copyright Lauren JonikNew York City. Keenly observational and distinctly intuitive in her approach to songwriting, each locale has played a part in influencing Amy's songs. Gramophone, which appeared on the EP Transportation Songs, was written during her time in California, while the new and especially moving Somebody To Love was conceived years later three thousand miles away on the opposite coast. "I'm weak, but my spirit ain't been broken," sings Amy Correia in The Devil and I, displaying not only an ease in her own skin, but the conviction of someone who has lived the words she sings. Beginning her set with Love Is Where You Find It, Amy music continues to remind that despite all of the qualities of light and darkness that make us so authentically human, for as long as we are willing to go on creating, expressing and appreciating, love will be everywhere we look.